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February 2015: Whale Watching Trip Report in Point Loma, San Diego


We had been thinking of going for a whale watching trip for a while. An opportunity presented itself when Karen’s niece wanted this for her 18th birthday present. After doing a lot of research on the internet, Karen finally chose the H&M Landing company based out of Point Loma, San Diego.

We arrived at the pier on a sunday afternooon and after exchanging our internet purchase receipt with a ticket we arrived at the boat. Our boat captain was Scott McDaniels who also does multi-day sport-fishing trips down the coast of Mexico. He is a very good captain and it made for a very enjoyable trip.

Our Boat – Sea Adenture on the right

As soon as we pulled out of the harbour, the captain pointed out some sea lions

Sea Lions soaking up the sunlight

Side of the boat a little narrow but still plenty of space

Since February is a very busy season for the migration of California Grey Whales we were very lucky to see at least 8 different whales during our trip. Whenever our captain sighted a couple of whales, he would steer our boat towards them for us to see them up close. We got some great pictures as well as videos from our trip.

Whale starting to breach

Whale Breaching

Whale preparing for a dive after the breach

Another Whale Breach

Finally, a video of the whale breaching the waters. The Breach starts at 54 seconds, 1 minute 16 seconds and 1 minute 47 seconds mark

After spending about 2.5 hours in the ocean, the captain finally turned the boat around towards the harbor. Before the end of our cruise we got to see some more sea lions lounging around.

Sea lions


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