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Airline Award Charts


Air Canada

American Airlines

Avianca Taca 
British Airways
Delta Airlines
  • Award charts have been removed from the website. Thanks Delta !!
Singapore Airlines

United Airlines



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  1. Diah

    supposedly, travelling on weaedkys is cheaper. also check all major airlines for summer specials. it is good that you are looking at NWA, because they have a hub in detroit! But you never know, American or United or whoever could be having a special.also, go to farecompare.com to look at who flies the route you want, and it will give you a nice listing of the airlines and their prices. I really like farecompare’s layout of their website because you can see them all in a list. Then, once you find something on farecompare.com go to the airline’s website, because it should be cheaper there because they don’t have to pay for processing fees like orbitz or whoever has to. hope this helps!

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