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Airline Review: Cathay Pacific – Business Class (Airbus 330-300 with Lie Flat Seats) : Hong Kong – Bangkok (CX 615)


Flight:  Cathay Pacific CX 615 from Hong Kong to Bangkok

Equipment: A333(Airbus 330-300)

Class: Business

Seat: 19A (single seat with direct aisle access)

Seat Specification: True Flat Bed, Seat pitch: 82.0 “. Seat width: 20.2 ”


When I went to select seats for the Hong Kong to Bangkok flight, I was pleased to find out that the short 3 hour flight was serviced by an Airbus 333 with lie-flat seats with reverse herringbone configuration in 1-2-1.

I was able to select the backward cabin featuring only 3 rows instead of the forward main cabin with most of the seats are.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Cabin on Airbus 330

Cathay Pacific 1-2-1 Business class configuration on Airbus 330

My Seat – 19 A

Seat 19 A

Lots of leg space

Seat Controls

For pre-departure beverage I was offered choice of champagne and some fruit juice. The kiwi juice smoothie with mint leaves looked appetizing enough so I went with that.

Pre-departure Beverage of Kiwi Juice

For lunch entree, after deliberating between steamed cod and Thai red curry, I finally chose the latter. When arriving in Bangkok, go with the local flavors :).

Lunch Menu

Appetizer: Smoked Salmon, Entree: Thai Red Curry with vegetables and rice

The smoked salmon was absolutely delicious. Just the right balance of moist tenderness and flavor. The Thai red curry was flavorful but the chicken was fatty and I was not really that happy with it.

Hagen Daaz icecream for dessert

For dessert, all they had was the Hagen Daaz ice-cream.

Convert my seat to Flat bed

Although, it was only a 3 hour flight (actual flight time even less), the flat bed is over-the-top for what I need. However, for photo purposes, I still laid out the seat in flat bed mode and took the picture and converted it back to seat soon after laying for maybe 10 minutes !!



Seat: *****

Service: ***

Food: ***

The seat is the standard reverse herringbone lie flat seat. However, I wonder how much it is utilized because of the short nature of the flight. Either way, you cannot do any better in business class for such a short haul flight.

No amenity bags were provided during this segment. The food was good tastewise but the chicken in the Thai red curry was below par. The service was ok compared to other carriers business class service.


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