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Airline Review: Asiana Airlines – First Class (Airbus 380 with Closed Suites) : Los Angeles – Seoul (OZ 203)


Flight:  Asiana Airlines 203 from Los Angeles to Seoul

Equipment: A388 (Airbus 380-800)

Class: First

Seat: 1A

Seat Specification: Flat bed seats in closed suites, Seat pitch: 81″. Seat width: 25.2″

Asiana Airlines operates twice daily flight between Los Angeles to Incheon both on an Airbus 380. The first class features 12 fully closed suites in 1 x 2 x 1 configuration in the lower deck of the A380. I was pretty excited as this flight was a lot of firsts for me (first time on Asiana First Class, first time on A380 First Class and first time on a First Class with closed suites).

Boarding process was a bit chaotic as Asiana boarded First Class, Business Class and Star Alliance Gold passengers all in same line.

Asiana First Class Cabin on A380

Asiana First Class on the A380 consists of 3 rows of 1 x 2 x 1 suites with sliding doors.  The center suites have a privacy partition shared between them which can be lowered if you are traveling with family.

Asiana First Class Cabin on A380 – Row A

Asiana First Class Cabin on A380 – Row E & F (middle row)

My Seat – 1A on Asiana First Class

The seat was very wide and comfortable both while sitting as well as when laid out in bed mode.

Seat 1A on Asiana First Class Cabin on A380

The IFE monitor is very wide (probably the widest I have ever experienced on all my flights).

Storage compartment next to seat

IFE Remote Control

Asiana First Class Amenity Kit (Ferragamo)

Asiana First Class Dinner Menu (Western)

Asiana First Class Breakfast Menu

Asiana First Class Refreshments Menu

Asiana First Class Dinner Menu (Korean)

The flight attendant came by and introduced herself while handing out the dining menu. She also took order for pre-takeoff beverage which excluded alcoholic beverages while the aircraft was on ground. I chose some pineapple juice with mixed nuts.

Pre-departure beverage – Pineapple Juice with mixed nuts

Dinner service started soon after takeoff.

Wrapped Zuccini with Salmon, Brie

The canapes were very delicious and I eagerly awaited the caviar service next.

Caviar Service

Air dried Beef

Caviar was followed by air-dried beef which was unremarkable. Next up was clam chowder soup which had a good flavor profile but lacking in clam chunks.

Clam Chowder Soup

Mixed Greens

Dinner Entree (Grilled Orange Roughy with Mashed Potatoes)

The fish was well cooked and went very well with garlic butter.

Cheese and Fruit plate

By the time I was done with fruit and cheese plate, I was so full that I requested to opt out of dessert. The FA came by asking if I wanted turndown service next.

Asiana First Class: Los Angeles to Incheon – Turndown service

After the FA finished preparing my bed, I closed the suite doors and went to sleep.

Asiana First Class: Los Angeles to Incheon – Fully enclosed suite with doors closed

I slept really well for about 10 hours and the FA woke me up about 2 hours before landing for breakfast.

Asiana First Class: Los Angeles to Incheon – Breakfast (Fruit plate)

Asiana First Class: Los Angeles to Incheon – Breakfast (Omelet, Sausage, Grilled Tomato and Spinach)

The omelette had grilled onions and vegetables inside and was delicious. I enjoyed the breakfast a lot and watched in-flight entertainment for the next couple of hours before it was time to land in Seoul.


Seat: *****

Service: ****

Food: ****

The seat is wide and very comfortable. When the seat is converted to bed it was long enough for me to sleep in without bending my knee. The suite with doors was the highlight of the trip as it was my first ever flight in a fully enclosed suite.

The service was excellent throughout the flight. The flight attendants were courteous and efficient. My champagne glass was filled constantly and the attendants always came by asking if I needed anything.

The food was delicious throughout the flight (especially dinner). I enjoyed the caviar, canapes and the main entree the most. The breakfast was ok although nothing outstanding.

I would not hesitate to fly Asiana over long-haul transpacific flight again.


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