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Airline Review: Singapore Airlines – Business Class (Angled Flat seats) : Tokyo (Haneda) – Singapore (SQ 635)


Flight:  Singapore Airlines SQ 635 from Haneda to Singapore

Equipment: A333 (Airbus 330-300)

Class: Business

Seat: 11 A (Bulkhead Window)

Seat Specification: Angle Lie Flat, Seat pitch: 60.0 “. Seat width: 24.5 ”

After landing in Tokyo at Haneda Airport, my next flight to Singapore was leaving in only 1 hr 30 mins. I decided to check out the ANA lounge.

ANA Business Class Lounge

The lounge was pretty empty, it being early in the morning.

Lots of seating area

I decided to check out what kind of food was being served over there. There were small finger sandwiches, sushi, noodle, soup, bread and pastries.  I really liked the pork noodles and had 3 servings of that.

Variety of food available in the lounge

Tried a variety of finger sandwiches

Noodles with pork

Pretty soon it was time to head out to the gate for my next flight.

Singapore Airlines runs an A333 in this mid-haul route. There are 30 Angle Lie Flat seats in this cabin with 2 x 2 x 2 configuration.  I had flown this type of aircraft by Singapore Airlines four times last year (Singapore – Kolkata, Singapore – Male – Singapore and Singapore – Incheon) so the only novelty about this segment was that I had reserved a bulkhead seat which I had never flown on before.

Business Class cabin in A330

Seat 11A

After I was seated, the FA came by and introduced herself and addressed me by name and asked what I wanted for pre-departure beverage as well as post-takeoff drink. I was in the mood for some cocktails and requested their renowned Singapore Sling.

Post Take-off drink – Singapore Sling

Breakfast Menu – Western

Breakfast Menu – Japanese

Pre-landing Lunch

Breakfast service started soon after takeoff.

Fresh Fruits and Croissant

Seafood Ramen in broth

I didn’t care for the seafood ramen at all. The shrimp pieces, crab legs, and broth tasted very bland. I should’ve stuck with the cheese omelette :).

After breakfast, I laid down the bed and decided to take a 3 hour nap.

Seat when converted to bed mode

Seat in bed mode is angled

About 1 hour before landing, the FA woke me up for another meal.

Glazed Chicken and Steamed Rice

This dish was just average and nothing much to write home about. I was feeling a little bummed at the shortage of really tasty and delicious food so far on both of my flights.



Seat: ***

Service: ****

Food: **1/2

The angle-flat seat was the same on as the ones on my previous year’s Singapore Airlines flights on Maldives trip (CCU-SIN and SIN-MLE-SIN). The advantage of the bulkhead seat was that I could step over the neighbor without much difficulty (compared to regular seats) when both seats were laid out in bed mode.

There was no “Book the Cook” option available for this flight (or so I was told when I called Singapore Airlines to book this service), even though the website shows availability on this sector.

As far as service goes, it was outstanding on this flight. The cabin crew addressed me by name every time and came by plenty of times to ensure the I was comfortable throughout the flight.



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