Aug 14

Airline Review: United Airlines – Business Class (Boeing 747-400 with Lie Flat Seats) : Frankfurt – San Francisco (UA 59)


Flight:  United Airlines 59 from Frankfurt to San Francisco

Equipment: B744 (Boeing 747 – 400)

Class: Business

Seat: 6G – 6H

Seat Specification: Flat bed seats (rear facing), Seat pitch: 76″. Seat width: 20″

United operates a Boeing 747 for its Frankfurt – San Francisco route with business class in both upper and lower decks. In upper deck its in 2 x 2 configuration and in lower its 2 x 4 x 2 configuration. Its kind of insane to put 8 business class seats in same row and I would otherwise actively try to avoid such flights. I was using ANA miles and to avoid fuel surcharges I had booked this united segment.

United Business Class (Boeing 747 Lower Deck)

After boarding we made our way to our seats and the flight attendants came by and introduced herself. One of the flight attendants working our aisle was kind enough to volunteer taking our picture when she saw me taking pictures of the cabin. All the flight attendants in our cabin were very friendly, courteous and all around wonderful. I know United has gotten its reputation as having surly stewardesses but this was not the case at least on this flight.

United Business Class (Boeing 747 Lower Deck)

IFE Monitors

Seat Controls

Me and Karen in United Business Class – Frankfurt to San Francisco

Most airlines don’t require you to give a first and second choice in business class meal but I have had it happen in all 3 of my United flights.

United Business Class Menu

Warm nuts and Drinks

The wasabi smoked salmon appetizer was really good although I never care much for the quinoa salad.

Wasabi stuffed smoked salmon with Quinoa and Salad

For the main entree, I ended up getting my first choice of Seared beef short rib. It was a little on the dry side and I was not too impressed with it.

Seared Beef Short Rib

Karen on the other hand enjoyed her cod.

Poached Cod

Dessert – Cheese Plate

Dessert – Ice cream and Chocolate

After lunch I watched a couple of movies for a few hours and then decided to sleep for a few. I laid out the seat into a flat-bed (sorry no pictures!!) and slept for about 6 hours. I was woken up around 2 hours before landing in San Francisco for lunch service.

Grilled chicken with cream of mushroom and herbed rice

I ordered the grilled chicken and Karen ordered the meat and cheese plate. Both of these were very basic and nothing to write home about.

Fruit and cheese plate with cured meat



Seat: ***1/2

Service: *****

Food: **

The seats are lie-flat and that is the only good thing about it. I would have rated it higher if not for the ridiculous 2 x 4 x 2 configuration. The seats also felt a little narrow. I would think it would be uncomfortable to be sitting this close to seatmate if you are not traveling as a family

The service was excellent throughout the flight. All the flight attendants in our cabin were very sweet, courteous and helpful. I know the US carriers get looked down on for poor service but I did not feel that on this flight.

The food left a lot to be desired. The beef short rib was dry and not that flavorful and I did not care much for the pre-landing lunch. I also felt that the menu choices were very restrictive and it would be nice to have variety in meal service.


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