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Airline Review: EVA Air – Business Class (Airbus 330-200 with Angled Flat Seats) : Taipei – Hong Kong (BR 867)


Flight:  EVA Air BR 867 from Taipei to Hong Kong

Equipment: A332(Airbus 330-200)

Class: Business (Premium Laurel)

Seat: 7A (Window)

Seat Specification: Angled-Flat Seats, Seat pitch: 61.0 “. Seat width: 22 ”


EVA Air operates an Airbus 332 (and occasionally an MD-90) in Taipei – Hong Kong route. The business class (Premium Laurel) on the A332 consists of 24 angled-flat seats in 2-2-2 configuration over 4 rows.

EVA Air A332 Premium Laurel Class Cabin

My seat at 7A

My Seat – 7A


The charging port is located below the armrest at a very awkward angle and it took me a while to get the plug inside there.

Very awkwardly located charging port

Before takeoff we were given menu for the light lunch. I chose prawn with white wine cream sauce.

Lunch Menu for Taipei – Hong Kong

Since the flight is of very brief duration of 1.5 hours, the meal is served all at one go rather than course by course.

The salmon appetizer felt a bit raw. The prawn was ok but nothing spectacular. I did like the garlic bread they served on the side (not shown in picture).

Shrimp was decent but nothing spectacular

After meal, I only had about 30 minutes to landing but wanted to see how the seat would feel on a long-haul flight when spread out.

Angled Flat Seat

The seat is pretty uncomfortable when laid out to maximum recline. You always feel like you are sliding down the seat.

Felt like sliding down the entire time


Seat: ***

Service: ***

Food: ***

The Premium Laurel would leave a lot to be desired if it was a 5-6 hour or longer flight. However, for a 1.5 hour flight, the seat comfort was acceptable. I would not want to fly a long-haul flight on this seat.

As far as catering goes, for a short flight, the food they serve is sufficient. Although I would have liked a better appetizer than the salmon they serve.


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