Mar 18

Airline Review: Thai Airways – Business Class (Airbus 330-300 with Angled Flat Seats) : Bangkok – Taipei (TG 634)


Flight:  Thai Airways TG 634 from Bangkok to Taipei

Equipment: A333(Airbus 330-300)

Class: Business (Royal Silk)

Seat: 12 J – 12 K (Right Aisle & Window)

Seat Specification: Angled Flat Seats, Seat pitch: 58.0 “. Seat width: 20 ”

Thai Airways operates an A333 on this Bangkok – Taipei route that continues onward to Incheon. There are 36 business class seats in 2 x 2 x 2 configuration. I have flown this configuration of Thai airways on this type of aircraft before and for different pictures of the Royal Silk cabin you can check out my other reviews below


Business Class Cabin

Decent size TV Monitor

Easy to reach remote & seat control

Karen trying to look cheerful at the end of a long trip !!

Pre-departure Beverage

Business Class Breakfast Menu – Bangkok to Taipei

Croissant & Fresh fruit plate

Thai Basil Shrimp with Egg and Rice

I had already pre-selected my meal online and had chosen Thai Basil shrimp with eggs and rice while Karen went with crepe filled with scrambled eggs and sauteed spinach. Karen didn’t care much for her crepes while my shrimp was pretty good.

Crepe filled with scrambled eggs & sauteed spinach

After breakfast, Karen laid out the seat and went to sleep. We had arrived at the airport late the night before. Check-in was closed till 5 AM the next morning, and all lounges were closed, we didn’t get much sleep at all.

Karen trying to catch a short nap

I meanwhile settled in to watch an in-flight movie (A Walk among the Tombstones).

Angled Flat Seat – I am so messy !!



Seat: ****

Service: ****

Food: ***

For a 3.25 hours flight, the seat is comfortable enough. I would not want to fly ultra-long haul flights on this type of seat (although way better than coach of course). The cabin crew was ok however the catering was not top notch. I have had better food in other Thai flights.



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