Oct 24

Airline Review: Cathay Pacific – Business Class (Boeing 777-300 with Lie Flat Seats) : Hong Kong – Johannesburg (CX 749)


Flight:  Cathay Pacific CX 885 from Los Angeles to Hong Kong

Equipment: B773(Boeing 777-300ER)

Class: Business

Seat: 15D (Middle row with direct aisle access)

Seat Specification: True Flat Bed, Seat pitch: 82.0 “. Seat width: 21 ”

Cathay Pacific operates a 3 class (Business, Premium Economy & Economy) version of Boeing 777-300 ER between Hong Kong and Johannesburg. There are 40 business class seats laid out in 1 x 2 x 1 configuration with all seats having direct aisle access.

1 x 2 x 1 configuration in 3 class Boeing 777-300 ER Cathay Business Class

My seat 15 D

Foot rest providing lots of leg space

IFE Monitor

Seat and IFE controls, Power Ports

Supper Menu

Pre-departure beverage

Meal service started soon after takeoff.

Garlic bread, Grissini and dips. Vodka & Soda

My Entree – Stir-fried Chilli Prawns with Broccoli and White Rice

The chilli prawns were kind of bland and Karen’s Beef Tenderloin was not much better either. One thing I want to mention here is the lack of service from the FAs throughout the flight. They would take forever to clear the tables between courses and skipped courses for all of us. For us, they skipped the fruit and cheese plate and for my parents they went straight from appetizers to pralines. When my dad reminded them that they had not served entrees to him and my mom, they apologized and brought the entrees. Ridiculous!!

Karen’s Entree – Seared Beef Tenderloin


After dinner, I converted the seat to bed and went to sleep.

Seat laid out as flat-bed

Karen getting ready for sleep

Breakfast service started about 2 hours before landing.

Breakfast Menu

My Breakfast – Freshfruit, Muesli and Croissants

The Muesli was very tasty.

Karen’s Breakfast – Fresh Fruits, Muesli, Muffin

Parsley Omelette with Bacon and Sausage


Seat: *****

Service: **

Food: **

I have written about Cathay Pacific business class seat many times before and to reiterate, it is spacious, comfortable and right amount of firmness for a good night sleep.

The service was really bad on this flight especially during dinner service. Crew would vanish for long time and then skip meal items and bring next rounds. They went straight from appetizers to dessert for my parents and skipped main entrees. Only after reminding them they went back and brought back entrees. They skipped cheese plate and dessert for both me and Karen and went straight to pralines after entrees. Overall it was a mess.

The food was just very ordinary for this flight definitely not worthy of a business class meal. The Chilli prawns were just bland. I have had much better experience with my previous flights with Cathay Pacific.


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